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Create the environment for people to act empowered

Jan 01 2009

Granting authority (and freedom) to someone doesn’t guarantee they will be empowered. If the environment is unsafe, or perceived to be unsafe,…

Building trust

Dec 01 2007

A bit of trust goes a long way . (Via Pascal Van Cauwenberghe ) David Anderson gives us a few tips on…

There’s a hole in your side of the boat

Nov 01 2007

This is the best quote I’ve heard in a long time. Basically, it doesn’t matter who’s fault it is, we’re in this…

Partnerships, not relationships

Aug 01 2007

If you establish relationships that keep the other parties at arms-length and are based on contracts describing the expected results rather than the nature…

A bit of trust goes a long way

Jul 01 2007

In a trusting environment, great swathes of bureaucracy can be removed, hierarchy can be flattened, and process can be simplified and streamlined,…

Regular successes build momentum

Mar 01 2007

Via Agile Buzz Forum Dave Churchville postulates that continous small wins create energy and momentum and are ultimately responsible for the success of agile projects. I agree. Without…

Giving trust

Dec 01 2005

The best way to gain trust is to give trust.

Teamwork and trust

Dec 01 2005

Jeffrey Phillips says it’s a matter of trust. In a team, for each person to commit fully to the team, to the…

Can trust be restored once it’s lost?

Dec 01 2005

You earn trust and that takes time, but you can lose that trust in a moment. Can trust be restored once lost?…

Truth is a conversation about things that matter

Oct 01 2005

I recently explored a reference to Parker Palmer’s “To Know As We Are Known”. I was interested to read that Parker, a…