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Some thoughts on collaboration

Aug 01 2011

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller Over the years I’ve participated in and…

Create positive pressure around releases

Jul 01 2011

If you’re working towards a key release, the pressure mounts for everyone involved as it approaches. For the technical team responsible for…

Product development

Jul 01 2011

Product development presented by Simon Baker at the Agile Evangelists Meetup¬†under the title “Product-oriented development”:

A simple measure of effectiveness

Feb 01 2010

In the Lean manufacturing world there’s a measurement called First-Time-Through (FTT), which monitors whether a cell is making products right the first…

Pomodoro galore

May 01 2009

Almost everything for us is now a pomodoro. Some time ago we replaced the per-iteration planning game with on-demand planning pomodoros and…

Team Mo

Nov 01 2008

Artful? You must be joking

Sep 01 2008

I mentioned before that I’ve been reading Artful Making. Well I’ve just finished it. The final chapter struck a particular chord with…

A ‘nut it out’ norm

Aug 01 2008

I really like the idea of having a team norm in place to help deal with interpersonal conflict. The norm would require…

Inconspicuous authority

Jul 01 2008

I talk a lot about facilitating self-organizing teams. For a Scrum Master, a little more than facilitation skills and authority for the…

Testers in our agile team

May 01 2008

In our team, developers create the vast majority of the automated tests, whether they are acceptance tests, integration tests, or unit tests.…

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