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Some thoughts on collaboration

Aug 01 2011

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller Over the years I’ve participated in and…

Product development

Jul 01 2011

Product development presented by Simon Baker at the Agile Evangelists Meetup¬†under the title “Product-oriented development”:

Create positive pressure around releases

Jul 01 2011

If you’re working towards a key release, the pressure mounts for everyone involved as it approaches. For the technical team responsible for…

A simple measure of effectiveness

Feb 01 2010

In the Lean manufacturing world there’s a measurement called First-Time-Through (FTT), which monitors whether a cell is making products right the first…

Pomodoro galore

May 01 2009

Almost everything for us is now a pomodoro. Some time ago we replaced the per-iteration planning game with on-demand planning pomodoros and…

Team Mo

Nov 01 2008

Artful? You must be joking

Sep 01 2008

I mentioned before that I’ve been reading Artful Making. Well I’ve just finished it. The final chapter struck a particular chord with…

A ‘nut it out’ norm

Aug 01 2008

I really like the idea of having a team norm in place to help deal with interpersonal conflict. The norm would require…

Inconspicuous authority

Jul 01 2008

I talk a lot about facilitating self-organizing teams. For a Scrum Master, a little more than facilitation skills and authority for the…

The difference between blame and accountability

May 01 2008

For a while now, there’s been some trepidation in the team when holding people accountable. People seem to have difficulty knowing how…

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