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Geb best practices at Greach 2017

May 30 2017

I have been involved with Geb, the open source browser automation solution, since mid-2011.  Geb is used on top of Selenium as…

Experience over Language

Sep 15 2014

This post follows on from a previous blog post entitled “The Mechanics of Meaning”. Software development bridges the human and the digital…

Presenting BuyaPowa at Hacker News London

Aug 01 2012

In April, I did a talk at the Hacker News London meetup. The talk was about a startup we’re working with called…

Don’t remove failing tests from the build

May 01 2009

A taste of TDD

Jun 01 2008

Here’s a nice TDD taster from Steve Freeman. And something on the use of mock objects.

What does it mean to be agile?

Mar 01 2008

Kent Beck replied: “My definition is that you accept input from reality and you respond to it” In this interview about his…

Story test-driven development

May 01 2007

Rick Mugridge talks about story test-driven development using FIT and doubling the value of automated tests . Story tests, written in FIT,…

Build quality in

Aug 01 2006

It’s worth being test-driven and working from the outside-in, starting with automated acceptance tests. And it’s worth getting done in the iteration,…

Ten-minute build, continuous integration and developer rhythm

Feb 01 2006

Ten-minute build It’s worth developing an automated, reliable and reproducible build for your project that builds the system and runs all the…

Write production-ready code faster with TDD

Dec 01 2005

It takes time to become proficient at test driven development. But it’s worth the investment. I’m not convinced it makes writing code…