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Geb best practices at Greach 2017

May 30 2017

I have been involved with Geb, the open source browser automation solution, since mid-2011.  Geb is used on top of Selenium as…

Experience over Language

Sep 15 2014

This post follows on from a previous blog post entitled “The Mechanics of Meaning”. Software development bridges the human and the digital…

Presenting BuyaPowa at Hacker News London

Aug 01 2012

In April, I did a talk at the Hacker News London meetup. The talk was about a startup we’re working with called…

Don’t remove failing tests from the build

May 01 2009

A taste of TDD

Jun 01 2008

Here’s a nice TDD taster from Steve Freeman. And something on the use of mock objects.

What does it mean to be agile?

Mar 01 2008

Kent Beck replied: “My definition is that you accept input from reality and you respond to it” In this interview about his…

Build quality in

Aug 01 2006

It’s worth being test-driven and working from the outside-in, starting with automated acceptance tests. And it’s worth getting done in the iteration,…

Ten-minute build, continuous integration and developer rhythm

Feb 01 2006

Ten-minute build It’s worth developing an automated, reliable and reproducible build for your project that builds the system and runs all the…

Write production-ready code faster with TDD

Dec 01 2005

It takes time to become proficient at test driven development. But it’s worth the investment. I’m not convinced it makes writing code…

TDD haiku

Nov 01 2005

I didn’t make the haiku session at XPDAY5, but I thought I’d try it on test-driven development: Red. Green. Refactor. Write test…