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3 things I learned about Agile

Jan 09 2017

As a non-technical person who has come into the world of software development, I want to raise what I see because we…

Business outcomes are smarter goals

Jan 22 2016

Setting a goal provides a focal point and helps with prioritisation and deflecting distractions. Have you set any new year resolutions? They’re goals. Promising…

Daily standup quiz tests your knowledge

Mar 08 2012

Yves Hanoulle was kind enough to invite me to create this short quiz about the daily standup or daily scrum for his Agile…

Two stand-ups a day

Oct 01 2009

For a long time now we have run 2 stand-ups every day, first thing in the morning and first thing after lunch,…

Scrum Mastering isn’t a part-time endeavour

Aug 01 2009

Don’t be a part-time scrum master because you can’t see the picture when you’re in the frame.

Corporate idiocracy

Oct 01 2007

A month or so back, a recruitment agency contacted me and asked if they could put my CV forward for a Scrum…

A Product Owner has many skills

Oct 01 2007

The Product Owner needs a blend of the skills usually separated by traditional roles, should have empathy with the customers and and should have some knowledge of…

Ken Schwaber at the Agile Business Conference

Oct 01 2007

At the Agile Business Conference, Ken Schwaber in his workshop – When will Microsoft go out of business? – said 2 things…

You can’t own something part-time

Oct 01 2007

On the first day of the Agile Business Conference, Roman Pichler talked about the Role of the Agile Product Owner. It was…

Steer based on visibility and regular feedback

Sep 01 2007

Via Agile Advice. Ken Schwaber tells an anecdote about Scrum: I was talking with the CIO of a large organization. He complained to me that…