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Organization complexity is a waste farm

Feb 01 2012

When people are pooled in specialized silos more process is required to get things done. Responsibility gets diffused and transaction and coordination…

Product development

Jul 01 2011

Product development presented by Simon Baker at the Agile Evangelists Meetup under the title “Product-oriented development”:

More meaningful accounting to visualize software economics for more informed decision-making

Feb 01 2011

In this article Ross Maynard says it’s unhelpful, even dangerous, to use the same methods to compile management and financial accounts. Regarding…

Effectiveness of a product stream

Mar 01 2010

I’ve pulled together some data for the first year of a product stream we created and plotted it as charts for throughput,…

Product stream

Oct 01 2009

Think of a product stream as a small company working exclusively on a product and delivering features that excite users to maximize…

We won the Gordon Pask Award

Aug 01 2009

We’re very pleased to receive this year’s Gordon Pask Award. We’d like to thank the people who are part of our adventure:…

The ultimate Product Stream?

Nov 01 2008

Is this the ultimate product stream?

David Anderson pays us a visit

Jun 01 2008

Steve Freeman brought David Anderson along to see us at a client a few weeks ago. It was great to have the…

Collaborating with the customer

May 01 2008

We are creating a family of portals and a publishing system to manage their content. We have two sets of users. There…

Challenges for the Product Stream concept

Apr 01 2008

The product stream concept is a simple one. A product stream contains a self-organizing team and a product owner, yet it engages…