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Crew Day 4: The Big Update, How Feedback Fuels Energized Work

Apr 06 2017

March 2017 saw another fabulous Crew Day at Energized Work. Hosted at Wallacespace in Clerkenwell, the key theme this quarter was “Feedback”.…

Experience over Language

Sep 15 2014

This post follows on from a previous blog post entitled “The Mechanics of Meaning”. Software development bridges the human and the digital…

There’s gold in them thar hills

Jul 01 2012

Create positive pressure around releases

Jul 01 2011

If you’re working towards a key release, the pressure mounts for everyone involved as it approaches. For the technical team responsible for…

Without accountability there can be no solidarity

Feb 01 2010

Over the past two years I’ve been seeing teams fail because people are not holding one another accountable. People tell me they…

Attitude drives skill

Feb 01 2009

Art Tatum, a jazz pianist, often improvised to incorporate the bad notes elderly and worn pianos made into his music. Arguably his…

Attitude of wisdom

Feb 01 2009

Bob Sutton describes the attitude of wisdom as “the courage to act on what is known right now and the humility to…

Create the environment for people to act empowered

Jan 01 2009

Granting authority (and freedom) to someone doesn’t guarantee they will be empowered. If the environment is unsafe, or perceived to be unsafe,…

Lack of humble pie leaves bitter aftertaste

Aug 01 2008

A cornerstone of the agile community is collaboration. However, I came away from Agile 2008 feeling slightly deflated. Over the past few…

Our values determine our personal discipline, focus and increase our abililty to succeed

Aug 01 2008

William W. Ward said: “The price of excellence is discipline. The cost of mediocrity is disappointment.” To help you appreciate and understand…