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Commercial Contracts: Guarantees, commitments and risks

Sep 23 2014

“When you buy something, you want to know exactly what you’ll get and how much it will cost. It makes sense.” Our…

On Productivity

Sep 09 2014

Q. If it were even possible, how would you go about measuring the productivity / effectiveness of an engineering Dev team ?…

A simple measure of effectiveness

Feb 01 2010

In the Lean manufacturing world there’s a measurement called First-Time-Through (FTT), which monitors whether a cell is making products right the first…

Don’t aim at the target

Jan 01 2010

Without numerical measures we wouldn’t know what to do. The problem is, when numerical measures are used as targets they cause people…

Product stream

Oct 01 2009

Think of a product stream as a small company working exclusively on a product and delivering features that excite users to maximize…

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