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Curse of the specialist

Dec 01 2009

If you’re a specialist then you probably have some expertise that enables you to objectively state a case for doing something or…

Specialists should become more

Dec 01 2009

In my ideal team anyone can do anything. Sadly it’s just not realistic. Some skills are just too specialized. That said, if…

Product stream

Oct 01 2009

Think of a product stream as a small company working exclusively on a product and delivering features that excite users to maximize…

We don’t need no stinkin’ process

Sep 01 2009

We’re enjoying ourselves so much I’m wondering if it’s illegal. We’re working in a 4-man team with a new client (who consult…

Challenges for the Product Stream concept

Apr 01 2008

The product stream concept is a simple one. A product stream contains a self-organizing team and a product owner, yet it engages…

Generalised. Prioritised. Committed.

Sep 01 2007

Short posts with deep wisdom from Jason Yip: Over-specialisation leads to over-sized teams. Over-specialisation means that there is no small team that has enough…

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