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Design-culture drives better business

Apr 29 2017

A design culture can deliver lasting impact for companies by improving business capabilities and boosting business growth The term ‘design’ is commonly…

Lean Day London 2014

Jun 01 2014

Here’s the video of my “Competitive Engineering: Data Driven Design” talk at Lean Day London 2014. Gus Power – Competitive Engineering: Data…

Engineering Design

Apr 01 2014

I was kindly invited to speak at the recent LeanDayLondon event by Stuart Eccles of Made By Many. It was an opportunity…

The Mechanics Of Meaning

Apr 01 2014

Living in London highlights the value of sharing a common language. Here, every day, many different cultures meet and work together using…

Getting past design to design thinking

Jan 01 2010

I previously mentioned that we’ve been applying iterative development to grow better user experiences so I found the following words and the…

Kent Beck on developer testing

Aug 01 2005

Kent Beck’s presentation was recorded at the Developer Testing Forum in 2004. Kent talks about how the developer tests produced by test-driven development…

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