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Continuous delivery with Heroku, SnapCI and Ratpack

Feb 09 2016

We’re continuously delivering features to a Ratpack application on Heroku via a SnapCI pipeline. So far so boring, but we’ve ended up doing a…

Fiscally responsible innovation

Jul 04 2015

How long will it take and how much will it cost? “Who knows” is an honest answer, if slightly flippant. The reality…

Continuous Delivery In a Hostile Environment

Feb 23 2015

I gave a talk at the London Continuous Delivery meet-up about a recent project rescue for a client. We were tasked with getting…

A basis for continuous delivery

Jun 01 2011

Watch Paul Boocock talk about how he is building a new product in a way that will support continuous delivery.

Ten-minute build, continuous integration and developer rhythm

Feb 01 2006

Ten-minute build It’s worth developing an automated, reliable and reproducible build for your project that builds the system and runs all the…