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On Productivity

Sep 09 2014

Q. If it were even possible, how would you go about measuring the productivity / effectiveness of an engineering Dev team ?…

Knowledge nuggets from Kent Beck

Jul 01 2012

From the @energizedwork tweet stream with hash tag #rediscoveringkent whilst I was re-reading Kent Beck’s Extreme Programming Explained books (both versions) again:…

Organization complexity is a waste farm

Feb 01 2012

When people are pooled in specialized silos more process is required to get things done. Responsibility gets diffused and transaction and coordination…

Crack cocaine problem-solving and complexity

Nov 01 2011

Once something is large enough and puzzling enough to be designated a problem, we have a tendency to rush in, exaggerate its…

If you’re estimating, know why you’re estimating

Aug 01 2010

Estimates are lies and estimating is waste. That doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t sometimes be useful. It’s still waste but used at…

Dealing with organizational complexity goes in the ‘too hard’ box

Apr 01 2010

Our purpose is to improve the quality of service for customers. Quite simply, our goal is to delight customers. But Goldratt said:…

Being cost effective

Dec 01 2009

Forget about economies of scale. Reduce complexity. Find flow.

Mary Poppendieck at the Agile Business Conference

Oct 01 2007

Here are some notes I took during Mary Poppendieck‘s keynote speech at the Agile Business Conference. Mary compared Lean Product Development and Lean Software Development:…

Architecting maintenance

Aug 01 2007

Jason Yip is distressed by the lack of consideration given to testability and maintenance by many enterprise architects and their followers. It’s not all about scaling…

Keep it lean

Jun 01 2007

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – Leonardo Da Vinci Too much of everything? Too many features, choice, and steps? Too much information, too much to think about?…