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Speakeasy March 2017: Celebrating Norooz and St Patrick’s day

Apr 07 2017

It isn’t always easy to get a whole company together, especially every month. The Speakeasy group at Energized Work have cracked the code.…

Just when you thought everyone had agreed

May 24 2015

Just when you thought everyone had agreed you encounter certain indicators that perhaps all is not right. Emotions profoundly affect all important…

The Mechanics Of Meaning

Apr 01 2014

Living in London highlights the value of sharing a common language. Here, every day, many different cultures meet and work together using…

The difference between blame and accountability

May 01 2008

For a while now, there’s been some trepidation in the team when holding people accountable. People seem to have difficulty knowing how…

How did it get to be so wrong?

May 01 2007

A short while ago I said that fixed-price contracts don’t work. Over on the Scrum Development group there’s a discussion about competitiveness, estimates and organization culture. Dave Martin said: People underbid because…

Fixed-price contracts don’t work

May 01 2007

When you buy something, you want to know exactly what you’ll get and how much it will cost. It makes sense. But…

Saying ‘No’ doesn’t have to be mean nor painful

Mar 01 2007

It’s not easy saying ‘No’ and sticking to it. It can be so painful that we sometimes avoid it just to avoid…

Calling ‘Timeout!’

Jul 01 2006

Timeout – when play is temporarily suspended at the request of a team to discuss strategy One of our team norms is…

Communication haiku

Jul 01 2006

Sit together, and talk face-to-face to improve communication

The relationships between agile values

Mar 01 2006

In the second edition of Extreme Programming Explained, Kent Beck defined five values: Communication: Success is directly proportional to communication. All communications…