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Create positive pressure around releases

Jul 01 2011

If you’re working towards a key release, the pressure mounts for everyone involved as it approaches. For the technical team responsible for…

More meaningful accounting to visualize software economics for more informed decision-making

Feb 01 2011

In this article Ross Maynard says it’s unhelpful, even dangerous, to use the same methods to compile management and financial accounts. Regarding…

Financing IT versus managing assets

Feb 01 2011

There’s something smelly about financing IT projects in return for a contracted return on investment. It’s not that there shouldn’t be some…

Business cases are in the eye of the business sponsor

Jan 01 2011

Projects typically get funded based on their business cases. Business cases that seem to stack up on paper usually get budget. Business…

Budgeting bunkum

Dec 01 2009

Despite the UK Government issuing it’s new budget today – oh utter joy, btw – this post was motivated by IT budgeting…

Product stream

Oct 01 2009

Think of a product stream as a small company working exclusively on a product and delivering features that excite users to maximize…

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