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Track costs and benefits visibly together

Feb 01 2011

Have you noticed that costs and benefits are rarely seen together? I mean literally on the same page or board. Are we…

Stopping the line to run with zero known defects

Oct 01 2010

At the Agile Evangelists Meetup last night, I said something like “we run with no known defects”. Thank you to Rick Vugteveen…

Boards for a more user-focused discovery-oriented approach

Aug 01 2010

Backlog “out”. Mind map “in” showing user activities and high-level tasks to get more user-focused We haven’t used a conventional list of…

New board design

May 01 2008

On our old planning board There were 6 columns. From left to right, they were: Not Started In Dev UI Preview QA…

Running tested features

Dec 01 2006

Ron Jeffries talks about running tested features. The original article is here. We’re tracking running tested stories within each iteration.

Drawing burn-up charts on overlays

Nov 01 2006

We now have 3 teams working on 3 product backlogs (all in the same bullpen). And we’ve run out space. We don’t…

Timeline retrospective

Oct 01 2006

Our last iteration was charged with frustration. This gave me an opportunity to try out a timeline retrospective activity that looked at…

Amusement at work playing the XP Game

Sep 01 2006

Sometimes it’s amusing working where I’m working. People in the office seem to be genuinely intrigued by how we work, although they…

I’m burning up

Jul 01 2006

Some time back I talked about keeping progress visible using burn-down and burn-up charts. At the time I said: “I can’t decide…

Making the quality-factor visible

Feb 01 2006

To deliver working increments of software, it’s not enough to show all the tests passing. You also want to know that each…