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Pomodoro-powered promiscuous pair-programming

Dec 01 2008

At Agile 2008, Gus attended a session about the Pomodoro Technique by Stefan Noteberg and has been using it since. He’s running…

Beer helped

Nov 01 2008

When Energized Work turned one year old back in June we started to give a lot more attention to our ideas to…

Craftsmanship and Artful Making

Aug 01 2008

At Agile2008, in his banquet keynote, Uncle Bob proposed “craftsmanship over execution” be added to the Agile Manifesto as the fifth value statement.…

Welcome to Agile Skywalker

Aug 01 2008

I’ve invited our effervescent friend Nana Abban to contribute to the blog. Nana joined the crew a while back and we invited…

James Surowiecki on The Wisdom of Crowds

Aug 01 2008

James Surowiecki kicked off Agile 2008 with a keynote speech on the wisdom of crowds. A group is often more intelligent than the…

Discovering what business value is and what to do about it

Aug 01 2008

Joe Little’s session was interesting. Basically, you need to define what business value is for your product and that definition may evolve…

Lack of humble pie leaves bitter aftertaste

Aug 01 2008

A cornerstone of the agile community is collaboration. However, I came away from Agile 2008 feeling slightly deflated. Over the past few…

Energizers in Toronto

Aug 01 2008

The natural laws of software development

Aug 01 2008

At Agile2008, I watched Ron Jeffries and Chet Hendrickson talk about the natural laws of software development. Deriving agile practices from first…

Conference junk

Aug 01 2008

Sponsor marketing junk from 3 conference bags. Freebies! I’d rather not have it please.