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Crew Day 4: The Big Update, How Feedback Fuels Energized Work

Apr 06 2017

March 2017 saw another fabulous Crew Day at Energized Work. Hosted at Wallacespace in Clerkenwell, the key theme this quarter was “Feedback”.…

3 things I learned about Agile

Jan 09 2017

As a non-technical person who has come into the world of software development, I want to raise what I see because we…

Continuous delivery with Heroku, SnapCI and Ratpack

Feb 09 2016

We’re continuously delivering features to a Ratpack application on Heroku via a SnapCI pipeline. So far so boring, but we’ve ended up doing a…

Iteration reduces the cost of getting it right

Jul 03 2015

The cost of iteration  –  the cost of changing, tweaking, improving a process and then repeating it again and again  – significantly impacts…

Pair Programming Trails

Jun 19 2015

Pair Programming As A Workshop Yesterday I had the opportunity to pair programme for a few hours, something I don’t get to…

Architecting maintenance

Aug 01 2007

Jason Yip is distressed by the lack of consideration given to testability and maintenance by many enterprise architects and their followers. It’s not all about scaling…

Who cares about software?

Jul 01 2007

Well, I do for a start. I’m fed up with incompetence, poor quality, complacency, mediocrity, compromise, and short-termism. I care about software. And so should you!

Accounting practices can get in the way of delivering value

Jun 01 2007

R&D expenditure can expensed or capitalised. When it’s expensed, the total expenditure is declared as expense in the current period, reducing current profits by…

My take on ‘The Perils of Pair-Programming’

Feb 01 2007

Yesterday I read Matt Stephen‘s article about the perils of pair programming. Let me prefix what I’m going to say with this: Pair-programming isn’t for everyone. It’s…

Repaying technical debt

Nov 01 2005

Circumstances often place developers in a situation where they face the decision: Do I write a cheap and nasty solution in order…

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