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Developing a Robust API Strategy

Feb 13 2018

Our commitment has always been to deliver the highest quality digital platforms and products on the market, on time and on budget.…

Creating a product roadmap? Collaboration and commitment is key

Nov 06 2017

Back in the day, when I was at a large media corporation, we collaborated with Cranfield University’s C4D on a project to…

Crew Day 5: Looking to the future

Aug 02 2017

Its that time of year again, and July 2017 saw Crew Day 5 happen. This time we headed over to Lumiere London,…

Geb best practices at Greach 2017

May 30 2017

I have been involved with Geb, the open source browser automation solution, since mid-2011.  Geb is used on top of Selenium as…

3 things I learned about Agile

Jan 09 2017

As a non-technical person who has come into the world of software development, I want to raise what I see because we…

Continuous delivery with Heroku, SnapCI and Ratpack

Feb 09 2016

We’re continuously delivering features to a Ratpack application on Heroku via a SnapCI pipeline. So far so boring, but we’ve ended up doing a…

Iteration reduces the cost of getting it right

Jul 03 2015

The cost of iteration  –  the cost of changing, tweaking, improving a process and then repeating it again and again  – significantly impacts…

Pair Programming Trails

Jun 19 2015

Pair Programming As A Workshop Yesterday I had the opportunity to pair programme for a few hours, something I don’t get to…

WTFs per minute

Aug 01 2008

As the man says, it’s the only valid measurement of code quality.

Architecting maintenance

Aug 01 2007

Jason Yip is distressed by the lack of consideration given to testability and maintenance by many enterprise architects and their followers. It’s not all about scaling…