Achieving Customer-Centricity Excellence

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Achieving Customer-Centricity Excellence

Nov 22 2017

At a time when the failure of digital transformation is at an all time high, it is more crucial than ever for…

Project risks are business opportunities

Nov 10 2017

Every project carries risks, and the more important the project, the more risk you carry – even if a risk’s likelihood is…

The customer journey is marketers’ top priority

Jun 15 2017

According to the Omni-Channel Data Trends Report on current and future marketing plans, marketers’ top priorities for 2017 are: The customer journey…

2017 internet trends for Cloud: lock-in and governance

Jun 06 2017

Mary Meeker’s chunky presentation on 2017 Internet Trends for Cloud and much else, includes insights on the switch by companies all over the world to…

Digital transformation is difficult, but is it enough?

May 22 2017

Transforming a company’s culture, people, processes, tools and business models is a lengthy and complex task.  The benefits from digital transformation can…