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Hacking ideas to kickstart innovation

Aug 17 2017

As part of the process of creating our own digital products Energized Work is eating its own dog food. We help businesses…

Crew Day 5: Looking to the future

Aug 02 2017

Its that time of year again, and July 2017 saw Crew Day 5 happen. This time we headed over to Lumiere London,…

From services to digital products – why we are changing

Jul 03 2017

Energized Work is 10 years old this month. Somehow, against all odds, we survived. Now that we’ve officially entered our teens, I’d…

Design-culture drives better business

Apr 29 2017

A design culture can deliver lasting impact for companies by improving business capabilities and boosting business growth The term ‘design’ is commonly…

Improve continuously

Jun 01 2007

Toyota’s Kaizen has 3 steps: Create a standard. Follow it. Actively search for a better way of doing it. And repeat, over…

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