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When to replace a legacy system?

Oct 18 2014

Legacy systems are considered to be systems that have been operating in production for a long time. While the technology has become…

Replacing Legacy Systems? Mind the gap!

Sep 17 2014

Anyone who has travelled in London during the summer will have cursed the creaking transport system we call the Tube. Why is…

Modernising Legacy Systems in the Financial Sector

Sep 17 2014

“Large retail banks with outdated technology face extinction unless they can replace IT legacies” This is a bold claim made by Karl…

Wake up and smell the complacency

May 01 2007

Via Ed Gibbs. A recent Gartner reports says: Wake up IT managers, you’re mediocre at best.   A sweeping generalisation? Probably. But I’ve definitely worked in places…

Task-switching is waste

Jan 01 2006

I’ve worked with a few companies where it was common practice for developers to work on more than one project concurrently. Guess…

Daily scrum haiku

Dec 01 2005

I couldn’t resist adding a third verse (although I’m not entirely sure Haiku have verses) to address the most common problem in…

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