Speakeasy roundup: May- July

2nd August 2017
Alice RIchmond

Welcome to our Speakeasy roundup! Each month we celebrate Speakeasy, a rapid fire round of lightening talks on many many different topics. If you would be interested in joining us, or speaking please get in touch. Our next event will be on the 19th of August at our offices in Monument, the theme will be Thai.

May Speakeasy: User Experience isn’t a detail

¡Arriba Mexico! Speakeasy brought spicy Mexico theme to Energized Work. Mexican food, chili peppers and exciting talks gave the monthly event an unique atmosphere.

Alice spoke about the recognition of user experience when designing for public spaces. It focused on how with just a little thought finer details change peoples lives. Her slide show depicted a variety of well thought out public spaces and installations from across Australia. These included, outdoor desks with lamps at the university of Brisbane and the public cycle repair centers in a variety of parks.

Other talks included, Shakespeare’s Guide to Stakeholders by Rod. The Path to Failure featuring the use of inflatable planes was presented by Aaron and Energized World by Dora spiced the night.

June Speakeasy: Would you rather pay with money, or your time?

The benefit of having a diverse crew at EW means we celebrate worldwide festivals. There was no exception for June Speakeasy. We celebrated one of the Inca Empire’s festivals called Inti Raymi (which is Quechua for “sun festival”). The Crew was delighted with traditional Ecuadorian/Peruvian food and, rather confusingly, Bavarian beverages.

During the June Speakeasy a number of talks were delivered. Discussion about the big ideas at EW, demoing an intriguing product. We also got a taste for mindfulness through spending 5 minutes eating a raisin. Last but not least we viewed the pictures from our last Energized Work event.

The highlight of the night:

“That will be 29 minutes. Do you need a bag?”

One of the talks during the June Speakeasy raised a philosophical question. It also showed us a possible solution. Jezy asked “what if we could pay with time instead of money?”.

For each of us earning £1 takes a different amount of time. This means it would cost each of us different amounts of time to purchase the same product. Jezy has developed a Chrome extension just to illustrate that in the browser.

The Chrome extension, called “Pay with life”, asks for your hourly wage. It then replaces all prices in online stores with the amount of time it would take you to work in order to acquire the products. It’s an interesting concept that reveals a new perspective on our expenses and raises a number of questions for further discussions. To check out the extension you can find it here: Pay with Life Extension

July Speakeasy: Emergence through live coding

Mesdames et Messieurs, welcome to July Speakeasy where EW celebrated French Bastille Day! EW office was infused with delicious French food, cheese and wine, perhaps missing only Escargots de Bourgogne (aka snails). The evening entrée consisted of E-Prime talk by Odette Power.

For the main course we had Pattern generation in Tidal Cycles: live coding emergent audio by Matt Spendlove. A short talk and demonstrating the concepts of emergence through the creation of live electronic music.

In systems theory, emergence is a phenomenon whereby larger entities arise through interactions among smaller or simpler entities. In turn that the larger entities exhibit properties the smaller/simpler entities do not exhibit.

TidalCycles is a language for live coding patterns. It allows you to make musical patterns with text. Describing sequences and ways of transforming and combining those patterns. Exploring complex interactions between the simple parts.”

For the desert Gus Power served Das Boat in the style of “Zen and the art of boat migration” making an interesting change from data migration.
La fin of the event was a humorous quiz, where the crew members were tested on their knowledge of the French culture with a winner taking home an authentic piece of French cheese.


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