Crew Day 5: Looking to the future

2nd August 2017
Alice RIchmond

Its that time of year again, and July 2017 saw Crew Day 5 happen. This time we headed over to Lumiere London, a fantastically decadent venue in South London. It was our largest EW Crew day turn out to date. The focus this time was the future of EW and where we wanted and felt the direction of the company to be going.

We are lucky to have had several new starters begin with EW in the last couple of months. This meant that Crew Day 5 had an extremely special task, in introducing our new team members to the entire company.


What we learned

  • Talking about our complexities helps make them easier to understand and therefore deal with. Sometimes the leadership team don’t know the ins and outs of the client teams. Getting their opinion on things like strategy is extremely important.
  • We don’t cater properly for vegetarians, its really important to make sure that the team is really well looked after. They are our driving force and its crucial to make sure all needs are catered for, we will be more mindful of that.
  • Powerpoints don’t work, they distract. We had a much greater effectiveness running workshops and interactive talks than using slide decks.

Direct with the directors

Over the past 6 months we have seen a many changes, experienced working with new clients and grown significantly. With this growth, teams change, challenges sometimes become harder and we look to those with experience for some answers. We have experienced amazing things but also like any company we have had moments of vulnerability. In this case we spent time in the morning putting questions towards the Directors. We discussed those matters that meant the most to the team. With a wealth of experience between the 4 of them it was an amazing opportunity to hear their experiences.

We were grateful for the honest and open responses from the directors and it helped us free our minds for the rest of the day. Making negative experiences into positive ones is difficult, but if a company can achieve this and move through difficult situations, it shows a real strength in a team.

From Toblerone to Strategy

Marcin and AntOur main sessions started with a quick team head to head in a contest to see who could eat a cold Toblerone the fastest with a knife and fork.

Over the last couple of months, the leadership team have been really focused on making sure that our company direction is in line with the values, ideals and thoughts of the team. With this they created a Mission, Vision and Strategy and presented this to the team for their input and to see if the ideas resonated at all.

After our strategy session, we asked the crew “What does this mean for you?”. Getting the greater consensus on things like strategy, really allows the leadership team to understand what they are missing. Without the feedback from those doing business as usual, we wouldn’t be able to accurately talk about the ways that we work. The crew are our specialists so we are thankful for their input.

Hearing another story

It is very cathartic to be sense checked once in a while. To do that, its a case of reaching out to those around you in a similar position, often in business this is hard, people are not willing to speak about their experience. We were extremely lucky to be joined for this Crew Day by Andrew from “The Bakery”. Another company with a really forward thinking approach to working lifestyle. Andrew was kind enough to agree to share with us, The Bakery story and highlight the areas of learning that they had when creating a product based business.

Our first un-conference

This event saw the first un-conference held by EW, a 2 hour slot, with free reign on the session topics given to the crew.

The first session was a whistle stop session on remote working highlighting the importance of being an active remote worker. Putting effort into communicating and providing information to your team to maintain the health of a project.

Pain points of our customers came next from Laura P, so that we could greater understand their needs and how we can serve them more successfully.
Andy helped us understand which people, we did and didn’t want to work with. Allowing us to have a more focused idea on which clients would inspire us, and which would go against our values as a business.

The last but not least session from Murray focusing on how we can guide our clients tech teams effectively. With so many years experience in what we do, often when faced with new teams it can be hard to be assertive with our ideas. It can sometimes sound condescending, especially when it comes to code. We spent the last 20 minutes understanding each others techniques and coaching skills.

To top off a fantastic day we spent the evening in the roof garden of “The Stage Door” in Waterloo. The day wrapped up with a lovely cohesive feeling of support throughout the team. Fingers crossed the next event will be even better!

Calm time

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