Celebrating our 10th Birthday

9th June 2017
Alice RIchmond

Tuesday 6th June 2017 saw Energized Work scale new heights, well, up to London’s Sky Garden. This was to celebrate our tenth birthday. Faces old and new were present and, while absorbing the hazy, rainy panorama of London through the windows of the Walkie Talkie. A rainbow emerged as if in honour of the occasion.

Anniversary Rainbow

In the Beginning

The Energized Work 10th birthday could not have been reached without 2 intrepid developers. Focused on creating a lifestyle for themselves that catered for freedom, honesty and innovation. Over the last ten years they have accumulated 43 friends who like to call themselves the Energized crew.

Constant Change

The journey was not always easy or simple. Growing from an innovation lab at AOL to running large-scale end-to-end projects for many clients, and even brewing a line of beers. With changes in technology, techniques and design processes, remaining flexible and energetic has always been at the forefront of our approach. Our aim has always been to give people an authentic and rewarding experience and leave them smiling. It feels good to be a part of the story, creating bold digital ventures and experiencing that how we work is a lifestyle choice.

Simon, a co-founder and one of the four directors says, “I’m pretty sure I’m not the only old timer with fond memories of our skunkworks at AOL and those early days at Sky. In 10 years our principles and reputation have grown the business by nearly 1500% in revenue terms. But—now is the most exciting time to be at Energized Work because we’re thriving on the creative edge, and that’s why we are doing the remarkable.”

Users First

The change of pace and immense learning has never been so clear. The industry has refocused, shipping endless features is no longer the key. Championing users first and foremost is our goal. Time and time again Energized Work has proved successful with user-led design. It has been able to launch products that have realised amazing outcomes. Repeatedly making life brighter for customers and companies alike.

What works? Be friendly, be curious and be responsible. Collaboration is our engine. We will continue to nurture and grow the Energized experience with its very special chemistry, and we’re excited to be in a position to involve more and more people in our future.

Team at sky garden

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