Speakeasy April 2017: Celebrating La Feria De Abril and El Rocio

3rd May 2017
Alice RIchmond

April Speakeasy brings action Learning, math games and a dollop Spanish culture for good measure, served up with a large helping of paella

Each month we hold Speakeasy, an open forum for high-energy knowledge-sharing and the discovery of foods from all over the world. This year we’ve already “visited” China and Persia.

This month saw us travel to Seville in Spain to celebrate the Romería de El Rocío. In English this reads: The pilgrimage of Rocio, which is a religious festival celebrated in Seville, Spain.

As Rocio is also the namesake of one of Speakeasy’s founders, there was no chance we weren’t going to celebrate. To encourage those Spanish vibes we paired our talks with Paella, both vegetarian and meaty, providing us with the perfect accompaniment to the evening’s lightning talks.

We kicked off with a delve into the history and geography of Seville. Looking into the roots and cultural importance of The Pilgrimage of Rocio. Many people hadn’t seen the beauty of Seville before so it was exciting to share its wonders. The evening sailed through the concepts of Action Learning, math games, and Energized Work’s road trip to the Greach conference in Spain. 

Every talk was capped by Murray’s implementation of a feedback system using QR codes.

April Speakeasy Feedback rules: Gordon scanning 2D barcode

Action Learning

April Speakeasy Emily Vermont: Action Learning

First up, guest speaker Emily Vermont on the concept of action learning.

Action Learning is centred around the idea of reflection as a learning tool. By reflecting on an issue and how it was solved, greater understanding can be gained. We find a greater insight into the problem in hand and the techniques that were used to tackle it.

In turn, Action Learning aims to improve the problem-solving process as well as the quality of the actual solutions developed.

How to build a math game

Now and again one of the crew goes off to explore an idea. When they return itgets interesting. Paul Boocock introduced us to his math game, which allows anyone to create their own math questions to solve. 

Fantastic for teachers and parents! He gave us a live demo of the game so far so we could see how users will interact and what they will see. We can’t wait to  see where this one goes.

At Greach, the Spanish Groovy conference

April Speakeasy Marcin Erdman: Geb best practise

We’re very lucky to have contributors to open source on the crew. Recently Marcin Erdmann traveled to Spain to talk about Geb best pratices. Geb is an open source browser automation framework, which can be used for different types of testing, along with scripting, general automation and scraping. To find out more read The Book of Geb.

Marcin’s talk not only summarised the adventures of the Energized Work crew while in Spain, it also provided an overview of his talk. Watch the video.

Coming up in May

It’s a Mexican theme with, no surprise, Mexican food. We’ll be celebrating the 5th of May in Mexico.

  • UXing Life by Alice Richmond
  • Shakespeare’s Guide to Stakeholders by Rod Nicolson
  • The Path of Failure by Aaron Oldfield
  • Sustainable Energy by Dora Varszegi
  • Debate time: TBC topic

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