Speakeasy March 2017: Celebrating Norooz and St Patrick’s day

7th April 2017
Alice RIchmond

It isn’t always easy to get a whole company together, especially every month. The Speakeasy group at Energized Work have cracked the code.

Good food paired with engaging talks has changed the Pizza Night of old into the new and funkalicious Speakeasy. We really value the time we share at Speakeasy, as we learn from one another and renew our bond.

Together is better

Speakeasy has become the social heartbeat of Energized Work. It encourages us to get together to share information, insights and anecdotes as a community. Lightning talks range from working practices to passionate projects to personal past times. Anything goes. Pretty much.

Cultural and clever

As EW changed over the years, and moved about London, the types of restaurants around us changed. As did the way we socialise. Out with pizza, in with a food celebration from around the world. 2017 has already featured Chinese food at Chinese New Year. March saw in Norooz the Persian celebration of Spring complete with sabzi, delicious chelow kabab, ghormeh sabzi and mirza ghassemi.

Patrick is on the left

Patrick’s on the left and not the Leprechaun on the right.

Our very own St. Patrick

With a rambunctious Irish contingent, Speakeasy in March couldn’t pass without celebrating St Patrick’s day. In homage  to this auspicious day we introduced our very own Patrick – recent addition to the crew, Patrick Bartley. This was followed by a hilarious quiz dedicated to the Emerald Isle.

Love thy communication

In March Laura Scanga talked about Sitrep Love. Sitreps are situation reports we share between projects. They help us think about our strengths and weaknesses and how we affect our business relationships. They also help us grasp opportunities to have greater positive impact and counter any issues that threaten the desired outcomes.

Pairing means sharing

Zsolt Varszegi showcased his Pairometer. The app enables on-the-spot evaluation of the time each person in the pair spends hogging, ahem, I mean controlling the keyboard. The aim is to foster equitable sharing of the keyboard and reduce the need for those difficult conversations.


After an enjoyable trip to Poland, front-end developer Dan Nye showed us a short video about his time away with other member of crew. Video footage of skiing, eating, drinking and general puntastic fun. We hear he’s been to Austria more recently and with the same gang so are hoping he creates a video from that trip too!

Our next event is on 21-Apr

CelebratingLa feria de Abril”, a Spanish festival that will feature Paella for veggies and meat eaters.

  • Showcases with showmanship by Tom : Lessons learned about running showcases that will excite your stakeholders.
  • Action Learning by Emily Vermont: Reflection-driven action. Improve the problem-solving approach, and the solutions developed.
  • How to build a Maths game by Paul Boocock: Live demo creating a user-contributed problem in a Maths learning game.
  • EW@Greach by Marcin: A summary of Gayatri’s, Aaron’s and Marcin’s trip to Madrid for Greach, the Groovy Spanish conference.

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