Crew Day 4: The Big Update, How Feedback Fuels Energized Work

6th April 2017
Alice RIchmond

March 2017 saw another fabulous Crew Day at Energized Work. Hosted at Wallacespace in Clerkenwell, the key theme this quarter was “Feedback”.

We welcomed Gus Power’s keynote, talking about proliferation of positive and negative feedback. It highlighted the endless need for feedback within Energized Work, to help us to grow, energize and learn as a community.

During the day we revisited this concept through a procession of talks by many members of the crew. A cornerstone of our community is the use of working groups. These groups undertake the majority of operations at Energized Work and work entirely without any management structure.


New Ideas

The first update came as bubbly video introducing the POP group, with “POP” being an acronym for “Prioritising Our People”. This is a new venture from Simon Baker, Alice Richmond and Rocio Trujillo. It aims to enhance the working experience at Energized Work in different ways, including regular feedback with the crew and initiatives to bring in new team members. These activities are guided from the values of the Energized Work crew gleaned from a short workshop on the day. Success will be measured on a week by week basis with the focus of the group flexing with the needs of the Crew.

Reinventing old favourites

After POP, we heard from the Community group who focus on events and cohesion at Energized Work. Their work is closely tied to the Speakeasy group, ably led by Rocio Trujillo accompanied by Murray Carr and Dora Varszegi.

Speakeasy is the monthly speaking event formerly known as “Pizza Night” and organised by crew. “Pizza Night” had become outdated and the pizza boring so Speakeasy was born. We were regaled with stories of the new and improved event which has already seen many great lightning talks given by members of the crew.

We also heard about their celebration of several cultural events through food, the most recent being Persian new year!

Can we own Energized Work?

Our most anticipated talk of the day was presented by Trevor Lea Cox on benefits and drawbacks of employee ownership. An exciting journey for us as we hope to become a lifestyle business for all our community. This would be one that’s entirely owned by the employees. Before that can happen Trevor and his team on the Ownership group are researching and investigating the viability of different options.

Toad Gin Distillery OxfordGin there, done that

The highlight of the day were Gin and Tonics conjured by our very own mixologist. The beverages were accompanied by a presentation from Tom and Corey from TOAD distillery in Oxford. They spoke about organic and ethically sourced gin distillation and the creation of their very own distillation stills. Vessels that even Jacques Cousteau would be impressed by! This topic is very close to our heart. With the third Brew Day right around the corner there is to be a new iteration of our- Weiss President, REST IPA and Amber Rosier. The talk was fascinating, supported by props and botanics for us to stick our noses into!

Client projects, client times

Those working out in the field got quite creative with their updates. Jeff Home had prepared a poem about his team and the project they’re working on. Great entertainment and fantastic insights about how we’re working. Without the ability to observe ourselves and give feedback to one another we wouldn’t know where improvements are needed. This session was extremely important.

Productive times ahead

With Patrick Bartley recently joining, the Product team have been propelled to the forefront of activities. Creating products is something we are extremely keen to do. With the brewing of the aforementioned beer Energized Work are discussing several exciting ideas at the moment. This includes Tom Akehurst’s Mocklab.


The final session of the day was an introduction to spotting good and bad ideas and when they are worth more thorough investigation. Patrick emphasised that if the data was correct and the user retention numbers look good, we should encourage those “shit ideas”, to be the next big thing. The moral to the product story is, try everything at least once and collect the data to back up your idea.

And with that, it was into the night to celebrate our learning, beer in hand, and another brilliant set of contributions from the crew at Energized Work.


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