Spark the change – innovation governance

1st July 2014
Gus Power

We’ll be running a World Café event at the upcoming Spark The Change conference this week in London to explore the relationship between governance and innovation.

Historically there has been tension between governance and delivery. Governance folk are concerned with product teams running riot to the detriment of the company. Remember that 17% of innovation projects go so badly that they can threaten the very existence of the company (Calleam Consulting). Product teams, on the other hand, often view governance activities as restrictive, unnecessary and burdensome, making things slow, expensive and occasionally acting as total blocks.

How do we bring these seemingly unreconcilable requirements together? What would governance look like in an ideal world for us to build great products and services, with minimum risk and maximum impact?

We’re looking forward to seeing what emerges as people get involved.

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