Debugging Grails Database Performance

1st January 2013
Simon Baker

Why does that page take so many seconds to load? It never used to!

Grails and GORM make it very easy to access your database. Sometimes too easy. Knowing what your GORM query will do to your database can be difficult for even the most seasoned Hibernate expert. In this video, the Dunstanator demonstrates the use of a Grails plugin to deep-dive right down to the individual SQL queries used to render a given page, so that you can see exactly what’s going on.

Tom also presents some tools for generating large volumes of test data to easily test how your app will work when it takes off! Use these tools to optimize your application by easily identifying bottlenecks as they arise, or get ahead of the game by testing against larger data volumes ahead of time.

 Debugging Grails Database Performance

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