Developers are users of the code

1st June 2012
Simon Baker

“Technical debt built up in the rush to get software out the door always comes back to bite you. There must be continuous investment to reduce unnecessary rework so that more of the available capacity can deliver value. Diligent attention to the health of the code keeps it habitable. In a way, the code is a place where developers ‘live’. Think of developers as users of the code. Like any other user, for example someone using their mobile phone, they want a good experience each and every time they use it. In that sense, habitable code is a well-kept home that makes it easy for developers to maintain design relevance and prevent obsolescence while increasing reuse and reducing risks along with medium to long-term costs. Long-term business agility begins with healthy software that is constantly deployable. But adapting quickly and cost-effectively in response to changing customer and business needs requires more than flexible software. Greater flexibility is needed in business thinking with reasoning that is open to challenge and new ideas. Business culture needs to embrace a willingness to explore and experiment without fear of failure.”

An extract from No Bull.

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