Delight comes as a surprise in unexpected places

1st March 2012
Simon Baker

The other day at the lab I was going about my ‘morning constitutional’ in the little boys room when I noticed the end of the toilet paper had been folded into a point. You know, just like in hotel room bathrooms. I realized I had a big smile on my face. This simple act by the office cleaner apparently made me happy. I think the fact it surprised me – I so wasn’t expecting it – had an amplifying affect on my delight. If you haven’t visited our lab, the last thing you’d expect to see was pointy toilet paper.

Now believe it or not, we didn’t choose the serviced office that hosts the Energized Work lab because of it’s toilet paper pleasantries. We chose it because it was a ‘funky’ space. It just goes to show the opportunities to delight customers often lie in the experiences that occur outside the original reason for engaging.

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