Be your users’ best friend

1st January 2010
Simon Baker

Frankly I’m tired of manifestos. It’s not that any of them are bad. They are well intentioned and usually well formed but they’re too open to interpretation. And I, like anyone else, have my own interpretations. That said I’m grateful to Alisatir Cockburn and those involved for writing down a
manifesto for users.

UX has always interested me and, for the last year or so now, we’ve been working with an increasingly user-focused approach applying iterative development to grow better user experiences. I’ve wanted something simple that I could chant in my head to remind myself that we’re here to ‘please’ users and the manifesto spurred me to action. So, here’s my de-manifesto’ed user chant …

As a user I want a product that:

  • Solves my problems
  • Works reliably
  • Evolves as my needs evolve
  • Enables me to work effectively
  • Lets me see my job getting done
  • I enjoy using
  • Occasionally delights me
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