Have you compromised your agility?

1st October 2007
Simon Baker

Our session –

you compromised your agility?

– has been accepted for

XP Day

. I’m surprised though
because there wasn’t a great deal of wiki-discussion about the
session during the selection process. I know

Steve Freeman

championed the
inclusion of our session and so our thanks go to him. Hopefully it
will contribute to a provocative and constructive end to the event
that will see the debate extend to the pub afterwards. The plan is
to roll our session and Steve’s session – Have we lost our mojo? –
together to discuss the notion of


and raise questions about the current state of the
Agile community.

I couldn’t resist creating a poster with a version of our


We plan to make these available for sale and we might even have a
few at the conference. If anyone is interested in purchasing a
poster, please send me an email at simon at energizedwork dot


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