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“Energized Work provide the depth of understanding and execution capability most digital leaders would die for. Can’t recommend them enough.”

Managing Director, British Gas Connected Homes

Energized Work is a creative technology and product innovation lab. Our teams of developers, designers, consultants and user experience specialists are dedicated to solving your toughest problems. Talk to us about how we can help you:

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winning digital services in a changing market

Ian Southward and Trevor Lea-Cox spoke at the Future of Utilities Summit 2018, sharing some useful tips stemming from years of experience of digital transformation within the energy sector. Watch their talk to find pragmatic advice that can be implemented immediately, helping you to bring new digital products and services to market quickly.

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Designing and building an end-to-end Energy Management System

Energized Work designed and helped to build an end to end system that integrates several different Digital Service Providers and internal systems and complies with legislation and the DCC regulations.

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Flexible design, process automation and rapid growth

Utilities under pressure

Finding a path to digital transformation in the utilities industry

This ebook explores three of the biggest drivers of change in utilities, showing how companies can make the most of new technology and digital processes in an uncertain future.

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Flexible design, process automation and rapid growth

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We have been building remarkable things out of the internet for clients like Sky, British Gas, Cisco, EY and Barclays since 2007. If you’d like to find out what we could do for you, get in touch.

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