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  • Solution to critical business risk prototyped in 12 weeks
  • Viable migration path provided for decades of legacy code
  • Internal team has since won awards for their Agile practices

If you have ever done any DIY in the UK or employed a builder or tradesman, then you have almost certainly been a customer of Travis Perkins plc. A British builders’ merchant and home improvement retailer, the Group has over 1,800 branches across the UK. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and the FTSE 100 Index.

Travis Perkins needed to migrate off an ancient technology stack generated by over 200 acquisitions. Overwhelmed by the scale and risks to the business of such a project Travis Perkins contacted Energized Work.

Asked to find a viable migration path, Energized Work proved how an external service could be integrated so the platform could be replaced piece by piece. In 12 weeks they documented the pricing logic (57,000 lines of BASIC dating back to 1987), built an end to end testing framework, and integrated a prototype pricing service.

Travis Perkins used Energized Work’s plan get off the legacy system and their teams have since won awards for their Agile practices.

Don’t let it end like this…

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