Strategic Innovation

We help you create and manage a strategic, sustainable innovation capability

Our unique approach is investment-oriented, data-driven, and based on proven methods. It enables the creativity needed for innovation whilst controlling risk and providing data to support senior management decisions. We commit to, and deliver business outcomes.

Why Innovation?

You have a sustainable business model with revenue generating products and services, but you understand it’s only a matter of time before someone disrupts the status quo. You have three choices: do nothing, play catch up with your competitors, or be the pace setter. Only the latter choice is strategically viable. You may have tried and failed, or maybe you’re unsure where to start. Innovation is risky and hard to get right.

In recent years we have witnessed numerous industries undergo disruption. When analysing how disruption operates in the industries first to experience it, such as music and publishing, a clear trend emerges: disruption is not a one off event, but is rather a paradigm shift in the way businesses compete within a given market. The catalyst of this shift is technology. We see similar trends emerging in other industries such as Finance, Media, Telecom and many others. Innovation is a strategic necessity in industries where business models are driven by technology, and should be embraced.

The challenge of innovation is that it can be painful if you get it wrong: more than 17% of innovation projects go so badly that they can threaten the very existence of the company (McKinsey & Company, A study of large-scale IT projects). However, with the right set of tools, and discipline, innovation can provide a highly effective competitive advantage in addition to being an incredibly exciting creative process.

A data-driven approach

At Energized Work, we have modeled an approach to innovation based on methods that were proven to work time and time again, in real world situations. We provide a programme level service that covers the innovation lifecycle from governance, through customer validation all the way to business outcomes. The service is composed of the following distinct capabilities:

  • Innovation Governance – modeled after the approach experienced investors take to managing their portfolio, Innovation Governance adopts an investment mindset, controlling risk while providing the creative freedom necessary for successful innovation. It facilitates the definition of clear and measurable programme goals, which are used to evaluate the impact of various product ideas and guide prioritisation of work.
  • eXperimental Discovery – modeled after Lean Startup principles and adapted to the unique challenges of large enterprise, eXperimental Discovery is the capability to cost-effectively test key assumptions early in a product’s lifecycle. Our method encompasses creation of low fidelity prototypes and effectively gathering customer feedback. It provides the data to the governance function to guide investment decisions: termination of ideas which are not viable before significant time and money has been invested, following through on good ones, or leveraging insights to turn a mediocre idea into a great one before committing to a full build.
  • Agile Software Delivery – we build software which is built to last, and we stand behind it. It scales in the real world and runs without hassle. It’s easy to use, safe to build on, and cheap to maintain. We reduce uncertainty and risk by working iteratively. The continuous feedback from users helps us understand what’s going to work best. We learn what’s really needed and respond quickly to ensure the benefits delivered are more valuable than the cost of the software.

Put together, these three capabilities enable sustainable innovation by fostering creativity, controlling risk, providing accurate data to support sound decision-making and delivering business outcomes.

Working with us is a refreshing experience. We commit to, and deliver business outcomes. Together with our clients we define clear, measurable goals for the programme, and report progress against those goals. We also condition a portion of our payment on meeting these goals.

When it comes to innovation, every business has unique needs. This is why we refine and tailor our approach for each client.

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