Solving Legacy

Solving Legacy

Turning a legacy IT system into a springboard for growth

A practical exploration of the tools, process and path to success for organisations operating with a legacy technology stack.

Businesses need to keep their enterprise systems up-to-date in order to take advantage of new opportunities as well as keep the risk presented by aging legacy systems to acceptable levels. Balancing investment to improve service quality with maintenance costs and operational overheads is an essential part of business efficiency.

Energized Work has pioneered a process of migrating legacy systems to new, modern platforms in a way that keeps the existing system running safely while individual components and pieces of functionality are extracted step by step. It is safer, less costly and ensures that the business enjoys new value from week 1.

Doing this involves:

  • a rigorous discovery process, including wider programme management
  • design of a safe migration path using a suite of technical tools
  • delivery through expansion of the technical team capabilities

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