• Operating costs reduced by 90%
  • Concept to launch in four months
  • Scalable, high-performing platform
  • Seamless transition from legacy architecture
  • Agile culture of delivering rapid change transferred to internal team

Pottermore is the global digital publisher of Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World. The website at is a magnet for millions of passionate fans seeking to immerse themselves in the Harry Potter universe.

The company wanted a newly imagined and redesigned website to offer a much richer experience for a broader range of users, and provide all of them with easy and intuitive access to relevant original content.

Energized Work was selected for its experience creating highly scalable content platforms, refreshing honesty and passion, and their vision for Pottermore’s future.

The Energized Work team helped Pottermore realise their vision of a flexible, scalable, publishing platform on which they could breathe new life into the digital heart of the Wizarding World. Four months after development had begun the system launched and immediately was handling volumes of traffic that would have put the previous website out of action. The new features have delighted fans, and the platform has led to significant growth in both the user base and the business.

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