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Daily standup quiz tests your knowledge

Mar 08 2012

Yves Hanoulle was kind enough to invite me to create this short quiz¬†about the daily standup or daily scrum for his Agile…

Two stand-ups a day

Oct 01 2009

For a long time now we have run 2 stand-ups every day, first thing in the morning and first thing after lunch,…

Scrum Mastering isn’t a part-time endeavour

Aug 01 2009

Don’t be a part-time scrum master because you can’t see the picture when you’re in the frame.

Dilbert does ham and eggs

Nov 01 2008

Corporate idiocracy

Oct 01 2007

A month or so back, a recruitment agency contacted me and asked if they could put my CV forward for a Scrum…

A Product Owner has many skills

Oct 01 2007

The Product Owner needs a blend of the skills usually separated by traditional roles, should have empathy with the customers and and…

You can’t own something part-time

Oct 01 2007

On the first day of the Agile Business Conference , Roman Pichler talked about the Role of the Agile Product Owner. It…

Ken Schwaber at the Agile Business Conference

Oct 01 2007

At the Agile Business Conference , Ken Schwaber in his workshop – When will Microsoft go out of business? – said 2…

Steer based on visibility and regular feedback

Sep 01 2007

Via Agile Advice . Ken Schwaber tells an anecdote about Scrum: I was talking with the CIO of a large organization. He…

Don’t do Scrum without XP

Sep 01 2007

I’ve been doing XP since 2000 and Scrum since 2004. I’ve never done Scrum without XP and, these days, I don’t think…