Build a better startup with made-to-measure software

“These guys deliver quality first time, offer great insight, remain fluid and fast, and are a joy to work with.”

CEO at BuyaPowa

Other services:


Identify the minimum viable product
that will prove your business idea

We will help you identify the minimum viable product and run small experiments with metrics to discover and learn about users, confirm there is a need for your product and test the market size. If you need something to show investors or need help closing a funding round we can deliver something quickly that will wow people.

Develop your customers
and product together for market fit

As you develop customers we work rapidly to build the product that solves their needs. Working iteratively we release features as often as you need so you can test your ideas and learn more about customers and your product. By actively engaging in your new business, we will help you use our agile approach to discover and validate the right market for your idea, test business models and tactics for converting customers, and build a business that scales.

Invest a bit at a time and test your assumptions
to make every penny count

Come work with us in our lab. Sit next to the people building your product, discuss ideas and provide feedback. Commit your budget a bit at a time. Adjust your burn rate depending on your goals and funding activities. We help you keep your options open and take advantage of what you learn about customers and the market. We keep everything visible so you can make informed decisions, continuously assess emerging benefits against on-going costs, and make every penny count.

Help hiring your team

We can help you find the right people for your team. As they come on board we will mix them in with our team and help them get up to speed with the code. At the same time we will train them in the way we work so that when the time is right your team can take over from us without a glitch. We are always ready to help if you need us again!

Get peace of mind

Let us look after your product for you. We will take care of hosting and support, keep the system up-to-date and in tip-top condition, and if an issue crops up we can step in quickly and take care of it. We will stay with you all the way, giving guidance, and we will take the lead when you need us to.